An ISU alumni reunion in Strasbourg

Only Talmon is missing "What A Weekend!," I kept repeating again and again while in Strasbourg and feeling the effect the ISU family and Strasbourg had on me. I do hope that I can stay in that universe for a long time to come.

Here now a few things I collected or people sent to me. Enjoy. And send me feedback! I like hearing from you all.

  • Who is where in Strasbourg? - The preparationary page where I tried to keep track of who stays where.
  • A journal of The Weekend - Started as a personal experiment, here is the journal I kept writing while in Strasbourg. It is not meant as a travel report. Also it was not written with publishing in mind, so it has it's own style. Enjoy nevertheless.
  • Edi's pictures: Mons Olympus Ascent Team
  • EdC's pictures: city, gliding, A l'ancienne Douane, lectures, robots, soccer, space masquerade
  • Isabelle's pictures: campus, city, robots, rocket launch, space masquerade
  • Carla's pictures: campus, Koenigsbourg, A l'ancienne Douane, Italy
  • Shane's pictures: campus, space masquerade, gliding, A l'ancienne Douane, city