An ISU reunion in Leiden

16 of us are here This was supposed to be one of these lazy weekends, lounging about in couches. Instead, there was a gathering in Leiden, and there was a wedding as well and there was the ISUverse again.

So here for all who couldn't be there and for all of those who were: let there be pictures! Enjoy. And send me feedback! I like hearing from you all.

  • Who is where in Leiden? - Like last year I also tried to keep track of who will show up and stay where. Unfortunately I couldn't really take the time out to organise things properly, but it sorted itself all out, as it usually happens in ISUverse.
  • EdC's pictures: boat trip to the Poort van Leyden, brunch at Bagles&Beans, Leiden city
  • Annie's pictures: very, very nice ceremony and dinner at Poort van Leyden
  • David's pictures: Poort van Leyden, group at Bagels&Beans; he also fabricated the card we all signed