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There will be fun and shenanigans shortly in an undisclosed place somewhere in Europe. Oh, wrong, we now know where it will take place. And it's a special occasion as well. So be sure to turn up, we've got something to celebrate!
This came in from Carla and started the whole thing:
  • What: SSP02 Reunion
  • Where: Amsterdam [editorial note: we seem to have re-located to Leiden ;)]
  • Why: Because I miss you guys and our class rocks!
  • When: Nov 13-14th weekend
  • Carla (in: Nov 13, 0800; out: Nov 16)
        (Nov 16 - Nov 19: Paris)
        (Nov 19 - Nov 23: Prague)
        (Nov 23 - Nov 29: London)
        (Nov 29 - Dec 01: Amsterdam/Leiden)
  • Oliver (in: Nov 12, 1300; out: Nov 15, 1640)     (Hotel Nieuw Minerva)
  • Andrea
  • David
  • Atsuyo
  • Yuri
  • Simon
  • Ume
  • João
  • Patrick & girlfriend
  • Annie
  • Ed C.
  • Johannes
  • Samantha
Probable, but not confirmed:
  • Birgit
  • Bojan
  • Daniel
  • Geri>
Online city map Leiden: A list of hotels in Leiden as posted by Yuri: ...and some more in Amsterdam mentioned by Carla a bit earlier:

PROGRAM on Nov. 12/13

vol. 1
Friday's Dinner (for whom arriving on Friday)
Party / Reunion of SSP02
[ed.: transcribed from official announcement by Yuri]

Friday 12 November

20:00 Dinner at a Greek restaurant

Saturday 13 November

16:30 Leiden University - Law Faculty Tour
Location: Leiden University - Building "Kamerlingh Onnes" (KOG) (see map)
Address: Steenschuur 25, Leiden

After the tour we shall go to "De Poort van Leyden" together by boat.

17:30 De Poort van Leyden
Location: Brasserie "De Poort van Leyden" (see map)
Address: Haven 100, 2312 MA Leiden

Sunday 14 November

Suggestions by Oliver:
  • lounging about in Leiden and/or Amsterdam
  • actually visiting some sights in Leiden and/or Amsterdam
  • any other ideas?