Another ISU alumni reunion in Strasbourg

We will be meeting in Strasbourg again in August!

Three years ago I wrote that I would like to stay in the ISUverse for a long time. I think that seems to happen right now! Let's get together again!

The Alumni Weekend this year is taking place in Strasbourg on August 3-6, 2006.

As was the case last time around, I will be collecting info on this page here. If there is anything you want to comment on or add, feel encouraged to drop me an email.

  • The hotel list - Mathieu sent us a list with recommended places to stay. Most of them accept the magic ISU word.
  • Who will be where?
    whowherewhatbookedwhenspace left
    Oliver + 'SanneHotel des Francs Bourgeoisdoubleyes2nd to 7th0
    EdC(resident) --the whole summer 
    Isabelle(resident) --the whole summer