Where is Pomona anyway?


     Strasbourg (Aug)

         alumni weekend:
         Alumni Weekend '06

     Munich (Mar)

         mini-mini-mini reunion:
         picture gallery by João


     Japan (Oct)

         IAC 2005:
         picture gallery by EdC

     The Unknown Beach (Jul)

         nanoreunion: EdC & Bobby
         photo4.jpg (jpg, 62KB)
         photo8.jpg (jpg, 94KB)
         photo13.jpg (jpg, 45KB)

     Graz (Mar)

         Nadia in Graz:
         picture gallery by Nadia


     Antarctica (Dez)

         meteorite hunting:
         picture gallery by Vera

     Leiden (Nov)

         Reunion Leiden '04

     above Earth (Sep)

         Fernmarie in 0g (jpg, 33 KB)
         Arthur and Fernmarie (jpg, 40 KB)


     Vienna (Nov)

         at a Heurigen...
         Giuseppe, Walter, Gudrun, Birgit (jpg, 420 KB)

     Bremen (Nov)

         IAF congress:
         picture gallery by Shane

     Strasbourg (Aug)

         alumni weekend:
         Alumni Weekend '03

     Houston (Apr)

         Ammon's wedding:
         Ammon, Kristen and Carla (jpg, 228 KB)
         Ammon and Kristen (jpg, 256 KB)


     Houston (Oct)

         Carla's birthday party:
         Party invitation (pps, 162 KB)
         Birthday song (mp3, 3.7 MB)

         DP1 @ IAF congress:
         IAF Paper Cover (doc, 19 KB)
         IAF Paper (doc, 678 KB)
         IAF Paper (pdf, 1.1 MB)
         IAF Pres. Draft (ppt, 1.4 MB)

     Strasbourg (Sep)

         campus inauguration:
         SOHO on campus (jpg, 83 KB)
         Campus: video (mpg, 424 KB)

     Pomona (Jul-Sep)

         on campus:
         St.Patrick's Day In The Sun
         The Toga Party
         "Lost Pomona" Lyrics
         Philomena's speech: text (txt, 10 KB)
         Philomena's speech: video (mpg, 21 MB)

         Life Science Exp. Results (ppt, 167 KB)

         DP1: Alone...
         Executive Summary (pdf, 5.8 MB)
         Final Report (pdf, 13 MB)
         Poster (ppt, 3.2 MB)

         DP2: HiStar
         Executive Summary (pdf, 12 MB)
         Final Report (pdf, 11 MB)
         Final Presentation (ppt, 4.7 MB)

         when flying away...
         Arisa's Campus Pic (jpg, 108 KB)
         Arisa's Campus Pic (jpg, 414 KB)

         spiky building screenshots:
         Gattaca screenshot 1 (jpg, 36KB)
         Gattaca screenshot 2 (jpg, 32KB)
         Gattaca screenshot 3 (jpg, 28KB)

contacts directory

         contacts directory

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